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About Us

We are a group of aikidoka that Have come together from other organizations to Embrace the Spirit of Aikido. We strive to live up to its principles to the fullest. We all have had some training under other systems, and appreciate the various experiences we each have and take pride in not only where we have been, but definitely with where we are headed. In this Spirit of Democracy, Friendship, Honesty, and Understanding we have formed this Study Club under the American Tomiki Aikido Association (ATAA). 

    We Believe in honest training, and the ability of any person to learn Aikido regardless of physical limitations, age, race, martial arts affiliations, or gender.

We offer;

  • The Safest Aikido Dojo with the ONLY Permanent Aikido/Judo Spring Floor within 65Miles of Ft. Hood!!
  • The Two Kohai are graded at Yondan with the ATAA, and Rokudan with Lawton Aikido.
  • Membership to the ATAA, and through that a technical Board comprised of no less than six Rokudan or higher.
  • A Fun, Safe training atmosphere, that allows you to ask the questions needed to gain true understanding.
  • Confidence gained from having a viable self defense.
  • The ability to study from and teach others in a harmonious way.
  • To center ourselves in regards to society in order that we might be able to harmonize with others around us.
  • That there is great strength and victory through harmonizing and giving way, instead of needless tests of strength.
  • A solid network of other like minded Dojo's that will welcome you.


Meeting Schedule
  • Wednesday 7:30pm 
  • Friday 7:30pm  - 
  • Sunday  12noon -
  • Private instruction time
 I would like to inform the not yet educated that Budo is NOT a Business! It was not designed or intended to be transmitted in that fashion.

We will be Painting the Outside of The WAY Place, come join me in some good old fashioned beer drinking and socializing with others that are on a similar Budo path!!



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