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Aikido as I understand it at this time.

   Aikido is a Japanese martial art thought to be derived from Daito Ryu Aiki-jujitsu, and a few other systems. What we know for fact is that it was developed by Sensei Morihei  Ueshiba, Who was born in 1883, and was by his 30's a outstanding martial artist, holding   instructor ranks in several different RYU's. He realized that the martial arts could be used to instruct people in the ways of peace and tolerance, rather than pure violence. The Aikido  Techniques do not use Trickery, deceit, or brute strength to defeat an attackers intentions.  The Techniques instead use the physical mechanics of the body and momentum or  movement,  to get you to your desired goal. It is more than a mere moving of Bodies and  manipulation of joints.    As you study this art you will have to concentrate on your body mechanics and your center. You can learn to deal with the attack without harming the person attacking you. You can get to a point in your training where you have the choice of causing harm but have learned that doing so is not necessary and counterproductive to  achieving your goal of remaining unharmed as well.  My understanding of Aikido and what it is truly comprised of will change over time as yours will as well when you reach greater  understanding along with me.

"Aikido at first, is like someone handing you a feather and telling you that not only can you pound nails with it. That it'll work better than a hammer. After a while you see the strength the quill has, and what type of feather it really is."




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  • Friday 7:30pm  - 
  • Sunday  12noon -
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