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2013 ATAA Seminar

2012- 2014 Pics

2012-2014 Pics pt2





  1. As we are a Club or Study group, we have no fee's. We do accept donations to help keep the lights and a/c on and provide for materials to repair the dojo when Necessary.

 2. If you are financially unable to donate money, you can still donate your labor to clean the school, and pitch in when there are maintenance projects to be done.

3. Membership in the ATAA is not Mandatory but is recommended it is only $25 a year.

No other hidden costs, or requirements. We are only interested in the advancement of this Martial Art.


  1. Traditional GI.
  2. loose Fitting clean Clothes with no distracting or offensive pictures or words.
  3. Hakama is optional for Dan Grades.
  4. All Jewelry, and metal do-dads need to be removed prior to getting on the mat.
  5. Excessively long hair should be Braided or in a ponytail secured at both ends with fabric rubber bands not hard plastic, or metal barrettes

Things covered:

  • Wrist exercises
  • Ukemi (Falling)
  • Basic Aikido movement and exercises for beginners.
  • Advanced Aikido techniques
  • Exploration and the application of techniques.
  • Exercises for balance in movement.
  • Discussions (from time to time), on Aikido, Budo, Bushido philosophy, proper conduct, history, disciplines, concentration, etc.
  • Exposure and immersion into more advanced Aikido techniques from different modes of attack such as kicking, punching, etc.
  • Bokken (wooden sword attack) and Jo (wooden staff attack) exercises and techniques, to promote the application of Aikido techniques and movements through the use of weapons. Tanto (knife attack) techniques, which are very similar to empty-handed techniques.
  • Breathing, relaxation, mind and body coordination.
  • Testing from time to time, for various levels of Aikido rank (ATAA members only).


Meeting Schedule
  • Wednesday 7:30pm 
  • Friday 7:30pm  - 
  • Sunday  12noon -
  • Private instruction time
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